Over the next three years of the Avalon Marshes Landscape Partnership, the project will be constructing a series of replica buildings. This year to start things off, we will be following Vitruvius and building a stone-walled, Roman period structure with underfloor heating, in 2014 we are aiming to sharpen our axes and put up a timber framed Saxon longhall. If all goes to plan, the following year will culminate with the construction of an Iron Age roundhouse.

Alongside these structures, the project will also be experimenting with prehistoric trackways, dugout canoes and all the furnishings required to make the buildings come alive.

The reconstructions will be housed at the Avalon Marshes Centre near the site of the former Peat Moors Centre.

If you would like to learn ancient skills and get involved with these exciting and unique projects, please get in contact with us.

Join us as one of our Hands on Heritage Volunteers!


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