The Avalon Archaeology ‘Hands on Heritage’ project celebrates the archaeological work undertaken by the South West Heritage Trust in the Avalon Marshes area of Somerset.

This work involves community archaeology projects, experimental archaeology and the creation of replica building of different periods at the Avalon Marshes Centre. The Saxon longhall and Roman villa dining-room have been created by the HoH volunteer group. They will eventually be open to the public and school groups for educational work as the ‘Avalon Archaeology Park’. Opening is planned for late spring 2022 after landscaping work has been completed.

If you would like to learn ancient skills and get involved with these exciting and unique projects, take a look at the Get Involved page.


From King Arthur and the Isle of Avalon to the incredibly preserved remains of prehistoric trackways and lake villages, the Somerset Levels & Moors have a rich and varied heritage. This film provides a short introduction to the story of this unique wetland and its inhabitants. It tells some of the stories around Glastonbury, Alfred and Athelney and describes how people have adapted to living and working in this special landscape. Filmmaker Justin Owen 7 mins.


The ‘Hands on Heritage’ project was developed as part of the Avalon Marshes Landscape Partnership scheme; a three-year venture funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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  1. Hello
    There is a door to a church in Essex near to where I live, I wonder if I could send pictures, I’m convinced its hinges are from either the Saxon or Viking period could you contact me see what you think

    • OK Paul but i don’t pretend to be a specific expert. Essex does seem to be a good county for surviving saxon church doors for some reason.

      • To Richard Here are some pictures of the Buttsbury church door in Essex, the timbers are dated around 1150, but I’m convinced the iron work is much older,,any experts out there? Possibly Viking from King Knut his army & artisans were here for over 20+ years, or could it be Saxon?

        Thanks Paul Butterworth 

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