The Avalon Archaeology ‘Hands on Heritage’ project celebrates the natural landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Somerset Levels through 60 different projects.

Over the next three years the project team, alongside volunteers, will construct a series of archaeological reconstructions to be housed at the new Avalon Marshes Centre near Westhay.

This year we will be building a stone-walled, Roman period structure with underfloor heating. In 2014 we aim to put up a timber-framed Saxon Longhall and the following year we hope to construct an Iron Age Roundhouse.

Alongside these structures our team will also experiment with prehistoric trackways, dugout canoes and furnishings to make the buildings come alive.

If you would like to learn ancient skills and get involved with these exciting and unique projects, take a look at the Get Involved page.


The ‘Hands on Heritage’ project is part of the Avalon Marshes Landscape Partnership scheme; a three-year venture funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

This blog will cover the various archaeological activities and reconstructions that will be undertaken over the course of the project.

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