The Saxon Longhall

WP_20170927_16_26_01_ProThe South West Heritage Trust is making a reconstruction of the 9th century AD longhall from the royal Saxon site of Cheddar. To see progress on blogs click on the word Saxon here.

SWHT are working in partnership with the Carpenters Fellowship on the project. They have made and erected the frame for the building with involvement of the HoH volunteers.

This timber frame building is 5.5m by 15m, with wattle and daub infill walls and split oak roof shingles. It will stands over 5m in height with a raised roof vent for smoke ventilation. The roof is slightly hog-backed (higher in the middle) and the building is also wider in the middle – helps to keep the carpenters busy.

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The building will showcase the high status lifestyle of the Saxon kingdom of Wessex around the time of King Alfred. It will complement the high status Roman dinging-room being built beside it.

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If you would like to get involved and learn new skills, join us as a Hands on Heritage volunteer!

One response to “The Saxon Longhall

  1. I am in US, so regrettably cannot volunteer or assist.
    Still I would like to be kept abreast of aactivities, as my husband and I will be in England fall of 2022.
    Jonne Warner

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