The Prehistoric Trackways

The Somerset Levels are famous for their prehistoric trackways which criss-cross the wetlands. The exceptional preservation of the organic materials allow archaeologists to gain an insight into the environment, the woodland management and the construction techniques of our ancestors, who populated the marshes over 2000 years ago.

Two wooden prehistoric trackways have been recreated in Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve for the public to experience walking in the footsteps of their prehistoric ancestors. One is the Sweet Track, Britain’s oldest trackway, that has been replicated on its original line in a reedbed environment exactly the same as the one it was created in.

The second reconstruction is of the Bronze Age Meare Heath Track, a two plank walkway that was originally built across a wet bog but is now reconstructed in wet woodland on the reserve.

A stunning 3D visualisation of the Sweet Track and its landscape has been developed in partnership with Archeritage and can be seen here

Keep an eye on our blog to stay up to date with our progress:
In the footsteps of the Neolithic…
Building a Bronze Age Board Walk…

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