Avalon Archaeology Park

The Avalon Archaeology Park will showcase the archaeological reconstruction buildings that have been built at the Avalon Marshes Centre. These include the Saxon longhall, the dining room of a Roman villa and a full size waterline replica of a Viking trading ship. It is intended to eventually add an Iron Age roundhouse to the Park, based on evidence from recent excavations at Glastonbury Lake Village.  The Bullied and Gray hut was used in the excavations at the Iron Age Meare Lake Village between 1019 and 1958 and shows films on local archaeology. The Park is due to open to the public in late 2019 and in 2020 for school groups.


Grant funding has been obtained from the Somerset Levels and Moors Leader scheme towards educational equipment for the site, for a new toolstore and logstores and for a new building to act as an educational base, a store and a meeting room.