The Iron Age Roundhouse


It is hoped to build the reconstruction of a house based on ones from the late Iron Age Glastonbury Lake Village site, using the new information based on the recent excavations. This is programmed for the winter of 2019/2020.

All previous reconstructions have been wrong because it is only since the recent excavations that we have realised how slender the wall posts were and how short lived the structures were. The new reconstruction therefore offers the opportunity to build the first ever accurate reconstruction of a lake village dwelling.

The last of the 3 roundhouses built on the old Peat Moors Centre site has finally pegged out and will quite literally be pushing up the daisies. It has ceased to be. It has snuffed it. They each lasted about 12 years. For more information click on roundhouses.

Work on the new roundhouse has begun – modelled on Mound 74 of Glastonbury Lake Village, using small wall stakes as discovered in the recent excavations of the site.

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