In search of timber…

In order to get started on one of the prehistoric dugout canoes we needed some wood. In fact, we needed a very large bit of wood. The word was spread far and wide across the South West and fortunately Exmoor National Park came to the rescue with an offer of recently felled oak from an ancient woodland near Dulverton, called Burridge Wood.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but were totally spoilt for choice when we arrived. Graeme, the ENP’s Forestry Manager, guided us through the towering trees, whilst we hopped from log to log, tape measure in hand.

Scrambling down a steep, scree-covered slope we eventually stumbled across the behemoth that would become our Iron Age vessel. It measured 0.7m across between the sapwood and stayed straight and knot-free for over 10m down the stem.

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