Sheds, Shacks and Shelters Pt. 3

Time for a bit of a catch up on the vast amount of goings on down at the Avalon Marshes Centre!

Rob and Bob’s shack is nearing completion; two Wednesdays were spent re-using the old thatch from the tumbled down roundhouse to make the new structure watertight. We trialled a simple method of thatching that doesn’t use any string or twine, trapping the reed under a long hazel bar held in place by withies woven into the underlying wattling. We left the finish stepped rather than a continuous slope.

With the roof then on, we could crack on experimenting with floors and walls. A composite, predominantly fire-ash floor was laid and beaten down to level the ground and create a solid surface to work on. The back wall also had a big chunk of attention laid into it, mainly by the Young Wardens, who came in and helped Rob slap on some daub. In what has actually only taken a few days to construct, we have ended up with a really useful, traditionally made, undercover work area- perfect for chopping away on some big lumps of wood..!