Work, Work and more Woodwork…

We are definitely long overdue for an update on our goings on during our regular Wednesday volunteer sessions down in the Avalon Marshes. The summer seems to be flying by, with lots to shout about on our Romano-British Building since our last update; we’ve installed the hypocaust, put in place the stone floor slabs and laid a few tonnes of Roman-recipe lime-crete. However, for various reasons, after an incredible flush of productiveness, work on the Roman Building has stalled momentarily- waiting for a dumper load of mud. Mud, destined to be turned into cob, the main material in the construction of the walls.

But during this lull, we have certainly not been idle- there has been more than enough to keep us occupied! Doors, windows and furniture all needs making; turning the huge stack of oak logs still littering the site into useful objects to complete the Roman and Saxon buildings once the walls are up.

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On top of that, we’ve put the finishing touches to our replica trackways which now are lying in their natural environment out on Shapwick Nature Reserve.

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