Time to hit the road…

After last week’s divisive result, it was decided that the Hands on Heritage team should strengthen the ties with our Experimental Archaeological comrades across the chanel. I put myself forward as the Special Heritage Envoy for European Peace. My mission was to venture into the extensive world of Open Air Museums and centres of experimental archaeology in Northern Europe; to build bridges, forge lasting international support networks and discover all I can from these successful institutions, before our country is relegated to the sidelines. The main avenues of research, that we hope to bring back and apply at the Avalon Marshes Centre, will focus on their approaches to formal and informal education, staff roles, volunteer management and event coordination. It will also be a great opportunity to see different construction methods and how they integrate archaeological experiments into the day to day activities on site. The journey itself will take me through the Netherlands, into Northern Germany and across into Denmark. The sites will include archaeological theme parks, reconstructed medieval towns, mesolithic hunting camps and multi-period centres with everything thrown in together.

The ferry is booked, Old Yella has been serviced and my GCSE German is drifting back to me like a half-forgotten nightmare. Its time to hit the road…


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