Tesserae totaliser

One of the advantages of the lockdown period, that has been overlooked by Number 10, has been the fact that Martin and Richard have been heriocally undergoing hard labour on their tile cutters and hammer and hardie sets. The resulting avalanche of tesserae for our Roman mosaic has seen the Tesserae Totaliser shooting up to the dizzying heights of 44% achieved. This has surpassed the 38% target that I just made up 5 minutes ago. A huge achievement.

International comparisons are always difficult and can be misleading. However, to the best of our knowledge the quantities of tesserae produced for replica Roman mosaics since the various national lockdowns began are as follows: Italy 0, Spain 0, France 0, Germany 0, USA 0, Belgium 37 (awaiting conirmation). President Trump’s claim of 5 complete replica mosaics being created each week in the US have been widely dismissed as fake news.

Those results in full:

3 responses to “Tesserae totaliser

  1. Really disappointed not to see before and after figures. Clearly you are trying to disguise your failure truly to achieve your (unrealistic) target. FAKE NEWS! 😉

  2. I am sure that we are all coming together and working as hard as we can towards beating this daunting total. Any criticism at this point is unjust, when we should be applauding (every Wednesday 10.45-10.46 am) our brave tesserae makers and all those who are supporting them in quarries, off licences etc. It is only by chipping away undaunted at small bits of stone that we will eventually triumph, like Hercules in his repeated struggle with Antaeus or King Sisphus rolling that rock thingey…

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