Vikings arriving

WARNING: The images below contain scenes of nudity, arson, violence, demons at work and sheep. The Vikings have begun to appear from the mists of time in the mural in the Saxon longhall. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t end well for them. They are soon to come a cropper against King Alfred at the battle of Edington (Wiltshire not Somerset sadly). The deceased Vikings would no doubt picture themselves going for a knees up with Odin in Valhalla, but as the mural is Saxon propoganda, it depicts them falling in to the mouth of hell, where a diverse collection of demons await them.

One response to “Vikings arriving

  1. Glad to see that you haven’t just been sitting around, eating Martin’s cake, since I left!!!
    What a creative bunch – shall have to come back and visit one Wednesday, to check things out first hand!!! Marian 🙂

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