Glastonbury Lake Village

In the summer of 2014 a small team was allowed the privilege of excavating at Glastonbury Lake Village. Thank you Glastonbury Antiquarian Society and English Heritage!

The objectiveT5 long palisade posts over 3m was to discover exactly what the original excavators of the site had left behind and to try and get new scientific dating for the site to finally solve the mystery of when it was occupied. More info here.

The discoveries were fascinating – the lowest foundations and earliest wall lines of several huts survived and at the southern edge of the site there were at least 7 different phases of rebuilding of the encircling palisade.

The most up to date methods were used as you can see in this photo (surely an 1890’s photo? – Ed.)

old time excavation

You can see a film of the excavation here –  the first chance to see the Iron Age settlement since 1907!

A stunning 3D reconstruction of the settlement and its landscape has been developed in partnership with ArcHeritage and can be seen in the link below


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