Ancient Doorways to Discovery Pt 3. The saga concludes…

Wednesday was marked by an exciting finale at the Avalon Marshes Centre, the pegging and hanging of the new roundhouse doors.
The team celebrates our new doors

After weeks of toil, we drilled and banged in the last tree nail at 4pm and had both the doors hung and swinging by half past. A liberal coating of good old fashion lard lubricated the motion and put an end to the horror film-style creaking.

The day started with a few minor hitches… mainly forgetting the hand-drill that would be making all the holes for the pegs. But progressed with great speed after that; refitting the enormous oaken jigsaw, playing around with the pegs, fiddling with the pivot holes and banging it all together.

We all held our breath as we raised the timber-titans into position and clung sheepishly to them as Rob ‘tapped’ them gently into place.

An absolutely incredible achievement which has transformed the roundhouse into a kingly residence!
Time to start a new project…

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  1. New doors look great. When do you move in?
    Will you coat them with anything eg. oil.

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