Reciprocal Roofs and Roundhouses…

Taking a slight distraction from the Avalon Marshes, we headed up to Bristol to spend a couple of days getting involved at a community garden ran by Avon Wildlife Trust called Feed Bristol. This old market garden was the site chosen for Shift Bristol’s Practical Sustainability Course to set about building a timber framed roundhouse with low-impact master builder Tony Wrench. Their modern roundhouse will be used as a communal and learning space.

These unique buildings incorporate a reciprocal roof, an extremely elegant and simple design feature we are very keen investigating for our future Iron Age reconstruction. Through this arrangement of the rafters, it becomes strongly self-holding and evenly distributes weight across the circumference of the structure.  As they say, there is nothing new under the Sun! Prehistoric people were immensely capable carpenters and builders who, would of no doubt, utilised and experimented with a whole range of different construction methods to suit their individual needs- this method would be no less viable than any other!

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