Bodgin’ and Bedlam Pt.2…

So much has happened over the last week or so, its hard to keep track!

The first chunk of excitement came with a huge technological leap being made by us, through a weekend spent with one of the country’s leading Anglo-Saxon woodworking specialists, Richard Darrah. The workshop began in a slightly surreal way, with two dozen vikings crammed into a classroom at 7pm on a Friday night. What followed was an insightful and extremely knowledgeable talk on the evidence and techniques used in working timber through the Saxon period. After a proper good grilling on various bits and bobs, and a good cheer from the Norse crew, we left eager for the practical work to begin.

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The weekend course was hard to describe. We were in total awe of the experience and knowledge that flowed out of Richard. Each piece of advice was a real nugget of gold. Each splitting technique was a moment of total revelation.

On the Monday that followed (which was meant to be another carving club), we ended up riding the high from the weekend. Left to our own devices, we used the skills gained through the last couple of days to split planks, rails and posts all from one of our lovely trees. By the end of the day, I think the tannin from the oak went slightly to our heads as we dissolved gradually into madness.

Wednesday’s volunteer day continued on this thread… Hewing, trimming and cleaning up the split components ready for the following week’s carving extravaganza.