We’ve been framed!

Last week was exciting for us all at the Avalon Marshes Centre! After a hard day of cobbing on Wednesday our attentions turned back wood-wards for the remainder of the week with James from the Carpenter’s Fellowship joining us for two days of hands on timber framing fun. We were focussed on the panels either side of the two main doorways into the Anglo-Saxon Longhall (see Saxon Longhall).

We started the day examining the joints utilised and then moved on to dry-assembling some of the frames.

Once we had made some measurements from the panels we moved on to shaping the large oaken planks which would infill these impressive entrance-flanking frames. This involved careful shaping with some new tools to us, large two handed adzes.

This has all whetted out appetite for the main event next weekend- the raising of the building on the 24-25th of October!