Intense intents work

Despite the searing heat, volunteer work continued as an undercover operation this week, with work on mosaic experiments, timber preparation for a Viking bed, recutting of the large rotary quern and finishing the roof of the woodstore. The traditional head scrathcing came into play while deciding on the assembly of the Viking tent and the exact formula for a final plaster skim (1-2mm thick) of the gable end of the longhall before painting. Eventually a skim of one part lime putty, one part silver sand and one part marble dust, had 10-15% of boiled linseed oil added (by eye) and a modicum of water to create a pleasingly creamy mix. The wall was incredibly dry and needed several thorough soakings for the mixture not to be ‘sucked on’ too quickly but still to adhere nicely. Small cracking was expertly reworked by Adrian who produced a lovely silky finish. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t crack by next week.

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