Vandals storm to attack

The Avalon Archaeology Park has suffered a dreadful attack by two vandals who can only be named as Eunice and Franklin, due to their young age (a few days old). The partly built Iron Age roundhouse was largely flattened in their cowardly attack, before the pair breezed through to commit further damage across the county, eventually fleeing eastwards to the Wiltshire border, and possibly beyond. A spokesperson for the South West Heritage Trust claimed to have been blown away by the scale of the attack (but was later recovered with only minor bruising), blathering ‘we won’t let this wind up, wind up the project‘. (NOTE: for any confused non-UK people, our little storms are given jolly names as they pass through, in this case Eunice and Franklin).

3 responses to “Vandals storm to attack

  1. Oh no! Will you be able to re- build the roundhouse for the summer opening? We are desperate to bring our grandchildren along to see the park, buildings and art work. Following your progress with interest and totally amazed at the workmanship. Keep it up and thank you.

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