A busy week

A busy week with the volunteers, with the dias floorboards relaid in the longhall, its gable end given a much needed new coat of limewash (with yellow ochre) and the palisade design on the front gate taking shape. Work continued on the Roman table legs and Mike brought in his new replica of the small chair from the Oseberg boat burial to add to the ‘Scandinavian’ themed furniture set in the bedroom. It will eventually have a woven rope top like the original and painted decoration (traces of the designs survived on the original). Some box (buxus sp.) topiary cones were added to the Roman herb beds and insde the building a gordian knot design finished off the first mosaic quarter of the main room to be completed.

One response to “A busy week

  1. It is marvellous what you have done – the buildings and the whole site – looking forward to coming on a tour with friends, neighbours and colleagues.

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