Ready for the public

The site has been made to look pretty for the first week of public tours. Steve’s palisade gate featured on the Gate Appreciation Society facebook page, the back room of the Bulleid and Gray hut recaptured its 1950’s feel, the mosaic floor was cleared of our usual clutter, and a new lock was fitted on the longhall. Newspapers from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s are present in the Bulleid and Gray hut now and make a good read, not just about the Dunkirk evacuation or a bigamist with wives in three countries but also practical tips on how to feed a family of five children on just 30 shillings a week. The answer is make them live off cocoa, if you want to know. News in brief included two suspicious men seen ‘consulting maps in a field‘, who told a farmer to ‘mind your own business‘ when he accosted them. Spies or ramblers? Vote now.