Dead Ethels appear but none are elf-wise

Another busy week despite the storms, with the roundhouse taking shape. Meanwhile, work continued on the Saxon mural with the peasantry making an appearance in addition to the Dead Ethels. Were they a 1980’s punk band from San Francisco? No, they were the father and older brothers of King Alfred, who all pre deceased him. Dad Æthelwulf, and brothers Æthelbald, Æthelberht and Æthelred. The Æthel bit is from the Saxon word for ‘noble’ or ‘prince’ so Æthelwulf is ‘noble wolf’, Æthelbald is ‘noble bold’, Æthelberht ‘noble bright’ and Æthelred ‘noble wise’. As Alfred was son number four he missed out on the noble moniker, his name meaning instead ‘Elf -wise’. Clever enough to beat the Vikings anyway.