2 responses to “How to paint a Saxon longhall?

  1. Hi There

    Just wanted to drop you guys a line and say how much I enjoy receiving your emails … they often cheer me up in these really rather dire times!

    I’m self-employed so don’t have much time to spare, and not very fit so I’m not sure how useful I’d be but if you ever need any ad-hoc help for a few hours here and there I’d love to come and paint something – or just make the tea and tidy up!

    Kate .

    On Tue, 13 Oct 2020 at 15:18, Avalon Marshes ‘Hands on Heritage’ wrote:

    > richardbrunningswht posted: ” Here Kath demonstrates the difference that > two thin coats of limewash with yellow ochre pigment makes. It will nicely > complement the grey oak timbers of anyone’s longhall. Photo: Michelle > Checkley ” >

    • Hi Kate,
      Glad that you like the updates. Because of the Covid restrictions were are only operating with a limited number of volunteers each week on a rota, so its not really possible to fit others in at the moment I’m afraid. Hopefully at some point we will come out of this mess and go back to being our normal welcoming selves.

      All the best,

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