Blast from the past

The replica carnyx and cornu made their brief appearance in the Taunton Street Music festival at the weekend. In the picture below the cornu can be see being played by a band member dressed in the traditional Roman army clothing of floral shirt, sunglasses and shorts. Meanwhile back at base, sterling work was being done, despite the heat, to clear the site in advance of the landscaping. In the Roman building the guilloche border reached over half way round the floor. In one of the pictures below you can see how the mortar has crept out under the piece of wood that was acting as a former while that part of the design was being made. Exactly the same thing has been seen on some Roman mosaics, which demonstrates, amongst other things, that sometimes they worked from the outside towards the middle, going against the perceived wisdom. Its also how we are doing it, because we thought it would be easier that way. Time will tell.